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Piloting the future

Campus as a Living Lab uses university infrastructure, assets and resources to support innovative and applied research projects that improve our communities, region and world. They pilot new ideas, advance faculty research agendas and interdisciplinary collaborations, have an operational benefit for the university, and create opportunities for student learning and knowledge exchanges.

CLL projects link research to action. They include large-scale innovative capital projects with strong research programs, academic-industry partnerships advancing R&D for new technologies, specialized applied research programs within a variety of disciplines, real-world scale research infrastructure supporting broad range of academic research and operational benefits, and innovative student learning opportunities and programs connected to operational priorities.

Find out more these projects, and what we have learned from them.

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Project Library

The Community Food Hub project aims to promote food security on campus by using a student-driven, research-led approach prioritizing community needs to provide support services and programs on the Vancouver campus.

Human Wellbeing & Social Systems
Production, Consumption & Waste

The 5G Natural Asset Management and Integration project uses UBC campus to pilot the deployment of smart technologies for the management and planning of natural assets (e.g. trees, ecosystems), in support of healthier, climate resilient and sustainable communities.

Data & Technology
Ecological Systems
Natural Resources

This project approaches Campus as a Living Lab and Place. Also referred to as simply, Campus as a Living Place. It aspires to re-imagine UBC recreation through an Indigenous sense of place, where the campus is a vibrant and interconnected meeting place that is open to the community.

Human Wellbeing & Social Systems

This Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) ecosystem project explores the potential application of these new technologies on the UBC Vancouver campus, with the aim of contributing to greenhouse gas emissions reductions. 

Climate Change & Energy